Meet Bernadette

My Guiding Principles

I grew up in a military family and spent most of my early life living overseas. My father served in the U.S. Air Force and is buried in Arlington Cemetery after a lifetime of steadfast service to our country.

My mother was a first generation Japanese-American immigrant who embodied the American spirit and worked hard to become an American citizen.

After returning to Oregon, I attended University of Oregon and graduated with degrees in East Asian Studies & International Business.

I am a longtime public servant who has worked for the Oregon State Legislature (Senate Water Policy Committee Administrator), Oregon Water Resources Department (Natural Resource Manager), and Greater Yamhill Watershed Council (Executive Director). I have served on numerous boards and committees, several of which are focused on rural Oregon issues, including vital resources and industries.

I have spent my whole life uniting people from different backgrounds around common goals. I am running to increase access to affordable healthcare, provide evidence-based responses to COVID-19, and give rural Oregon a strong voice in on the Yamhill County Commission.

From a young age, I was taught the importance of responsible and moral leadership from my military father. As the Executive Director of the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council, I used those lessons to lead teams of individuals on restoration projects, ensuring responsible management of public resources. I promise to offer strong, moral leadership for the people of Yamhill County and will be a principled voice for rural Oregon.

What experience would I bring to the commission?

While employed by the Oregon Water Resources Department (15+ years), I had the privilege of working and living in beautiful Eastern Oregon. Stationed in Baker City and Pendleton, I worked with farmers and ranchers to develop water management plans and water right transfers. There, I learned that regardless of political affiliation, social ideology or economic status, Oregonians have much more in common than not.  By listening to concerns in a non-judgmental and respectful way, we were able to create win-win solutions. I left with a genuine sense of belonging and earned the respect of those I worked with.  This is the work ethic and spirit I hope to bring as commissioner: I will rely on relationships built at home and across the state to create solutions that work for the people of Yamhill County.